October 24, 2017

2020 Bilateral Life Camp

Each year Dream Team Prosthetics hosts the Bilateral Life Camp for individuals with bilateral limb loss to learn about new technology and daily life skills from other full time prosthetics users. Individuals from all across the world attend this event each year in order to have exposure to the most advanced information for individuals with bilateral limb loss. This 3 day event brings together individuals with bilateral limb loss to learn from each other and to develop better function and mobility, with and without prosthetics. Peer support is critical to success and it is the cornerstone of our Bilateral Life Camp!

*Unfortunately due to the worldwide Covid19 situation, we have had to postpone our 2020 Bilateral Life Camp. We will update this page as soon as we have rescheduled the 2020 Bilateral Life Camp!

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"Just want to say what a great experience I had going to my first bilateral life camp in Duncan Oklahoma. I learned a lot and am happy I've met all of you guys. You guys are role models to me and great motivators. I experienced traveling with and without a wheelchair for the first time which scared me but now I realize it's not so bad. Now I just continue to keep working which is easier said than done."

- Kevin Lu, New York - bilateral above knee amputee

Bilateral Life Camp Event